Junior Miss

My niece Morgan won the title of Miss Junior Isle of Wight at the fair last year, so she had to make up a poster board of her year in pictures, so she and I made this up last night. She knew exactly what she wanted and we put it together in no time. She would not let me take her picture.She will be in the talent show tonight, last night she was not feeling good so I hope she got a good night sleep and is feeling better and will be able to sing her heart out.
Good Luck Morgan!


Mandy said...

Very cute board! Is that her ducking behind it? lol Good luck!

Mary Lou said...

That's a really cool Looks like she's had a fun year! Good luck tonight!!

Kelly said...

Y'all did a great job!!! Funny that Miss Junior Isle of Wight would not want her picture taken!! LOL

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