We are Scrappin Today

I am scrappin today with some of my Besties, but thought I would share another photo from the past.  Judi the clown, Carol mickey and of course i am that scary ghost.  Not a great picture but hilarious all the same.  My mom should be ashamed, at least Carol and Judi got K-mart costumes, what the hell have I got on?  LOL  Happy Saturday!


Judi said...

OK two laughs in one morning!! Wait until I start my pull of pictures. I might have some of you that you don't have???

Judi said...

I forgot to say this pictures is very very sad.

Mary Lou said...

Thanks for the laugh. Boy am I glad my Momma doesn't blog! Judi gets the award for the scariest costume! That's one really scary looking clown! LOL

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