Who needs to get something done?

Do you realize that there are only 45 days till Christmas?

Do you have Christmas cards and projects you need to get done?

If your answer is YES like mine then it's time for a crop.

SOooooo I thought it would be a good idea to schedule one.

South Quay Baptist Church

November 21st

9 to whenever we get tired of each other

I haven't decided on the menu yet,
we usually all just bring something to share
and something to drink

If you need directions let me know


Judi said...

Sounds good to me!! I wish I could come.

Judi said...

I love teh new header!!! I need to do something with mine. I just haven't been very creative these days.

Mandy said...

I need about a week long crop to do all I want to do!!! Maybe even two weeks...lol I will see what I can do, but can't make any promises. Charlie is working days and I have parties the day before and the day after, so I hate missing so much time with Mason and especially asking Mrs. Pinky to watch him so much when I want to do that too. Oh my...

Mary Lou said...

I really have to get into scrappin with y'all. Sounds like fun! Hope y'all have a good time!

BTW, check out my blog. I'm updating it, but it doesn't seem to be updating my followers. Not sure what's up with that??

RealRach said...

Left you an earfull in my comments section! LOL

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