Happy Saturday!

Can't have a post without a picture! I title this one growing out my bangs!UGH
Those hearts and kisses on my background were getting on my nerves, had to make a change.  
So what is up with everyone?

The countdown has begun, plans are being made, menus, games and all around fun will definetly be had at the crop in March.  I am currently working on a project that I hope to use at the crop here.  Keep your fingers crossed it turns out.  I am using modge podge so, we always go around and around.   I love how it's flexible and easy to use, but I always get bubbles and wrinkles no matter how i rub and rub, but oh well, it gives my projects character.
Mom and I are off to help Jack with a benefit today.  Wish I knew the ladies first name, but her last name is Perry.  Jack is cooking in Carrsville and has been there since last night.  I think he said they are cooking 800lbs of meat! Always glad to help.  Hope everyone has a great day!

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Judi said...

I wish I was there to help! Have fun!

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