Final SDV pictures, I promise

The sign on the door says Penthouse!!
Deb and I did good we stayed in the pop up on Friday, really warm and not afraid, then someone decided to trump up some crazy bear story thinking they were scaring me, well I sure did think they had spotted a bear and it took me all day long to realize they were just messin with me.  None the less Deb had to leave on saturday so I found myself in the redneck bedroom (seen Below)

but not because I was afraid!  I stayed up until 4am finishing Paisley's book, but I was so happy I could finish it for her.  I really loved doing it!

And now for some of my favorite photos over the weekend and then I promise I am done posting these!  LOL

Getting rid of our WORRIES!!!
Until next year!



Judi said...

I am glad we did get some good pictures. It sure was a fun weekend. I can't wait for next year.

Kalo's World said...

What a fun weekend. Be careful tho, that bear might just show up next year, lol.
P.S. I don't think I threw enough birdseed.

Mary Lou said...

LOL!! And you had a pee pot too! Too cute!! Glad y'all had a nice time. Looks like a great turnout with everybody busy as a bee gettin that scrappin done!

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