SHS Culinary Competition

Mark has really enjoyed taking culinary arts at school and recently traveled to Richmond to participate in a State wide competition.  The Mangement team placed 2nd.  and the cooking team shown here had to complete a 3 course meal in 60 minutes using only 2 burners.  They didn't place, but seems to have a great time.  Mark was the alternate for the team.  He is the on the right, back row.  Don't he look cute with his hat on?!
I don't get to post much about Mark, so I thought I would share this with all of you.

Happy Thursday!


Judi said...

Zach took Culinary in R.O.P. when he was in high school. I liked it. What a great experience for Mark.

Sandy Vance said...

great career to get into, plus he can "practice" at home and you will not have to cook as much. It is all good.

Mary Lou said...

Sure sounds like fun! I love watching those cooking competitions on the Food network, so I'm sure it was very stressful preparing that meal in 60 min. Congrats to all of them!!

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