A few of us went to Tucker Swamp Church on Saturday to watch a live satellite link with 330,000 other women.  Usually Beth overwhelms me with Spiritual Inspiration, but I must say this was a little disappointing.   I even found my mind wandering at times.  She just seemed all over the place and really not focused.  I did learn something about Insecurity and she always makes you think and learn to use her message in your own life.  I guess a little inspiration is better than none at all.  Special Thanks to the Ladies at Tucker Swamp for making us all feel welcome. 
Happy Monday!

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Sallie said...

I was wondering how it went. I wish I could have gone. I'm surprised that you weren't blown away! Hmmm... I've not seen her in person (or live via satellite). She can be a little scattered sometimes but usually brings it back together for a point.

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