An Old Poem

I made this poem up and few years ago,  and found it on my computer today and thought I would share it. 

Olf:  Mom
Hot:  Judi
Breeze:  Me
Sue:  Amanda Sue


Olf, Hot, Breeze & Sue

We have so much fun we could never explain it.

We laugh, we talk, and we have great fun

We talk about everything under the sun.

We always have gifts for each other it seems

Sometimes only we know what they mean

We each have our ways, but we are never boring

Sometimes it’s talking for others it’s snoring.

Dancing and eating and scrap lifting are favorites

but those around us probably hate it


With all of the memories we have in our mind

We don’t want any to get left behind.

We put them on pages to keep or to give

To show all the happy and sad things we did.

We have lots of gadgets, stickers and glue

But all that we need is an idea or two.

To complete a page and have so much fun

It’s amazing that we get anything done.

But when it’s concluded and we are done

I know there will always be another one.

Until next time I’ll keep you all in my heart

My Sisters in Scrappin

I Love you a lot


Izzy said...

Loooove this poem! thanks for sharing

Mary Lou said...

That is so sweet!

Judi said...

I love this!! I have my laminated somewhere. I think it is in my scrap room

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