We enjoyed our flights.  Can you believe on our 2nd flight we had direct TV?  I actually got to watch NCIS while flying for 5 hours.   The kids had a great time.  We are here now and trying to get straightened out from the time difference.  That is why I am up a 3:30.  lol 
Can you believe Mark let me take his picutre?
Enjoy more pictures from the plane and I 'll try and post again.


Missy's Blog said...

How exciting!! Hope ya'll are having a wonderful time.

Mary Lou said...

Isn't it so peaceful flying above the clouds! Glad you at least had TV to entertain you on part of your flight. We didn't have anything when we flew to AZ and it was a llllooooonnnnnggg flight. Have fun in CA!

Mandy said...

I am so glad ya'll are there safely...please send my love to Judi and my many well wishes to Lexi. I know ya'll will be having a blast come Saturday :o)

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