A Great Vacation!

I think things have finally settled down and I have gotten some crap about my lack of posting.  We had such a great trip and did so much, but I was kind of slack on my picture taking.  It's hard to relax and get all the photos you want at the same time. 
We arrived on Tuesday and the relaxation began the Burton's are the Best hosts.  They made sure we had everything we needed.  The first day we relaxed by the pool.  We could not have asked for better weather.  While VA. had record highs we were relaxing and enjoying very mild warm weather. On Wednesday we all went to Dave and Busters and had a great time, playing games eating and laughing.  No pictures sorry.

Thursday we relaxed again and Friday we were off to the water park. 

Then my friends Mitzi came by for a visit with her daughter.  We had a fire by the pool and enjoyed each others company.  The kids had a great time getting to know each other.

Saturday morning we headed to Fallbrook for the Wedding.  I cannot even describe how incredible this wedding was.  All the details were perfect.  I did not get very many or very good pictures at the wedding it was because I was having such a great time.  Judi worked very hard on making this the perfect wedding for her daughter and she was very successful. 

We were even lucky enough to have Josh with us.  And some old family friend.    Even Judi got a chance to Boogie.  Will share more in the next post.


Judi said...

I am not sure I like these pictures. LOL I was a fun time

Mary Lou said...

Glad y'all had a great trip and a good visit with your family and friends. Welcome home!

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