This picture says it all

He is so Happy to be home.  We sat outside for quite a while, just enjoying the beauty of the yard.  He is doing great, They sent him home with this walker that you see in the picture, pretty cool, and he can get around pretty easy, he tends to rush, so we have to slow him down.

He will be starting therapy Friday and will continue to get therapy 3 times a week for 4 weeks.  That makes me feel good, because I feel like they only think he can get better and better the more therapy he gets.  I am also going to to take my wii over , just for something different and fun to do.

Well Happy Wednesday and keep up the prayers, especially for mom.  God love her, i truly think she is a saint disguised as a Mom and Wife!


Michele said...

So glad Jack is home! That is wonderful! I know you all are so happy to have him home.

Mary Lou said...

I haven't had a chance to catch up on blogs until today. So sorry to hear about your stepdad, but I'm glad he's home and doing better. I hope he continues to improve with all the therapy. Hope your Mom is doing OK too. I think Moms are angels in disguise too! God sure made them mighty strong to deal with everything life hands them.

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