Christmas with mom

So I am trying to not be selfish with this next statement, but this is the first time in 46 Years that I have not spent Christmas with my mom.  She is visiting my sister who has not spent Christmas with her mom in 30 Years!  So we celebrated before she left and I thought I would share my favorite pictures.  I did not take a group picture and am very unhappy with myself about that.   So we are hopping to have a White Christmas and they are hoping to have a dry Christmas.  I hope that the rain is over for them and they can get back to normal weather.  On to the Pictures.
Buck & Carol

Mitch eating moms choc. covered peanuts

Thrilled with a $1 calculator

Guess what Carol got?


Missy's Blog said...

So glad you were able to celebrate with your mom before they left for CA. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!!

Shelley Moore said...

Merry Christmas, Wendy! Miss you, love you, and hope you and Mitch and the kids are given more blessings than you can count!

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