Gold Does Good

I am hosting a Gold Does Good Party on Friday.  If you have never heard of this type of party before, click on the link and check it out.  I made $289.00 in 15 minutes at my sisters party.  No selling or buying, just turn in your old gold and silver and leave with a Master Card. 
My gold girl tells me that Gold is up today.   I am excited and if you are reading this and live nearby, please feel free to come by and please bring a friend as I received 10% off all the $$.  And I get $50.00 for every party that is booked.  Sound like a Win Win situation to me!  You can also send your stuff to me and I will turn it in for you and get your $$ to you.

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Izzy said...

I went to one of these parties here in Vancouver - it was great and I left the party with a big fat cheque in my hand! Have fun :)

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