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I have to admit I have been hanging out on a lot of coupon sites these days.  Tyring to save money anywhere and everywhere.  Like everyone else I have become aware how expensive life is in general, it may be due to the fact that my son is starting college this month and even though he is attending the community college locally boy is it expensive.   So I have been doing mini couponing.  I will share that with you another time.

This is my favorite site
 Anyway, my creative side has been resting lately and I am not sure that is a good thing.  So I have issued a challenge for myself that I will not share right now, but I have put myself on the right track I hope.  I don't forget about checking my crafty blogs and this on in particular netted me a prize!
You know how I love prizes.  Thrifty & Fabuless is a great blog not only because I won something, but she has many great ideas I can relate to.  So check out Erika's blog and leave her a nice comment.  Until next time!
Happy Wednesday!

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