I've been RAK'D

I got a very nice surprise when I got home yesterday.

My TLC friend Shell does a RAK each month

and I was fortunate enough to be a

recipient of a little scrap surprise.

It's a really cool chipboard fan.

Thank you Shell, your such a sweetie
I am getting ready for a weekend scrap

with my mom and sister from Calif.

She flies in just for us to scrap for the weekend

we have so much fun. It's the first weekend in January

so I paid my balance today. i don't even care if I

get anything done. Not sure what I'm going to

work on, usually I am working on a book

for someone else. It's my turn to get caught up,

so I need to get my crap together.

Never enough time for that.
My mom and sister bought me a SCRAPRACK for my birthday

so mom is suppose to come and help me get that

organized before we leave. Hopefully it will get my

embellishment alittle more organized.

PTA meeting tonight, Sam is singing, can't miss that.

Looks like fast food for dinner.

Lots to do at work today, for a change. Off to earn my pay!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Don't forget to take those daily pictures

1 comment:

Shell said...

glad you liked the RAK :-D - I want to see a pic when you have made it up... and I want to see the scraprack all organised as well!! PICS PICS PICS *lol*

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