Friday Thoughts

Not much to tell, so I thought I would post random stuff. I feel like this chicken today...................

  • I am very happy it is Friday I haven't worked a 5 day week in a month. I really hope to sleep in tomorrow

  • I started on my tax stuff last night, what a headache. That will take most of tomorrow, plus I need to take inventory

  • I really need to get rid of all my old Artist choice kits, so I need suggestions on what is the best way, I have joined a new Yahoo group (Thanks Missy) so I may post some there. I have tried e-bay for my pre-made pages with no luck.

  • My son and husband are working on flooring the attic, so we can finally get the shed and the garage cleaned out. I need to post a picture of my sons Christmas present I talked so much about. He did love it. It takes up a lot of space in the garage. So now I park in the driveway.

  • I am so terrible, because my camera died 4 days before the 20 day challenge ended, I did not complete my book. I am soooo terrible. Maybe I can get that done this weekend. I know I should be ashamed of myself. everything is catching up with me and I feel like I am drowning in things to do.

  • My husband has measured my scrap room for my counter, and gone to Lowe's and gotten me cabinet books. Did you know that one little cabinet with the baskets in it is over $500.00? I will not be getting the cute little baskets, that's for sure. So now it is up to me to pick cabinets and counter tops, I am so excited.

  • My children may be staying at friends house this weekend, so maybe hubby and I may get some FREE time. Yahoo, that doesn't happen very often.

  • I have really been thinking of getting my own web site, not a TLC one. So I can post others stuff to sell. I have no earthly clue where to start. May research that more in the near future.

Thanks for letting me babble. HAPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!


Izzy said...

Happy Friday to you too! Don't feel bad about the challenge... I didn't get to the end either, I was stopped in my tracks on Dec.26th
Let me think on the AC suggestions and I'll email you :)
Hope you get some free time with DH and enjoy your weekend.

Shell said...

woo hoo a weekend with your H! It is fun when you get time like that. Go out to dinner together! AC kits - keep some of them for prizes for your crops!

Missy's Blog said...

Hey Wendy, I'm so glad you joined the Yahoo Group ... and I hope you have alot of success with your posts there. Have you thought about posting your pre-made pages on your blog with a price listed so those that visit might purchase them? Just an idea. Hope you have a great weekend.

Jan said...

Enjoy your weekend!!! Don't do tax / inventory stuff all weekend... enjoy your time with your hubby!!

Jolene George said...

Don't beat yourself up about the challenge. It's not your fault your camera died.
I totally can't wait to see your scraproom with cabninets and counter tops in...it's going to be so great! I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!

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