It's all in the small things

There are several small things that make me happy, I thought I would share 10:

1. When my children get up in the morning without asking 3 times.
2. When my husband has taken out the trash, without me asking
3. When my hair behaves in the morning, without fussing with it
4. When I have an e-mail other than spam
5. When someone calls me just to say HI
6. When I zip through the line at Walmart, when I am in a hurry
7. When even people I don’t expect leave comments on my blog (DD)
8. When I don’t have to fill up with gas-in my car LOL
9. When my son spontaneously cleans his room
10.When my son tells me he loves me (he's 14)

How about you!!!

Happy Friday!!
Hope everyone has a great weekend


Valerie said...

ooooh - #10 is the best. lucky you!

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... does #6 ever happen? They have like 50 check out lanes, and only 2 checkers. I love your list!

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