Mother's Day Low Down

This is a picture of all the girls at church. The boys actually posed at Marisa's Birthday for a picture, I haven't gotten one of them together in about 8 years. Mark is on the right. Josh my nephew is on the right.

I have had the best weekend, I have lots to tell.

It started on Friday, I was off for the day and DH and I went to Williamsburg to the LPGA golf tournament. The weather was gorgeous. Walked 18 holes and boy did my calves know it on Saturday morning. We stopped and grabbed a bite to eat at a little place called Spectators.

We decided to take the ferry home. We forgot the were getting ready for the Jamestown celebration and the President. OMG I have never seen so many state troopers and armed guards in all my life. I felt scared and very safe all at the same time. grabbed a nap on the ferry and got us home by 6 o'clock.

Then Mark and I ran off to the mall to pick up some summer stuff and we scored at Pac Sun and Journey's. We had such a great time. Mark and I are so much a like that when he starts talking about something random, I somehow know what he is talking about. He is a great kid.

Saturday brought an early game for Sam and then my mom and sister came over for lunch and a movie. My sister was so sweet that she even brought me a gift. A scrapbook bracelet, so cute. I made salad with chicken and my sister brought taco salad. Then we had fruit pizza for dessert. Then we watched Because I said so...... It's a perfect mom daughter movie. Then we all went outside and surprised mom with a 20" TV with VCR & DVD. She loved it. We went fishing for a little while. Man was it hot, so we didn't fish long. Mark went home with mom to hook up her new TV so that she could enjoy it right away.

Sunday we all went to church. after church we had a little something to eat and a little time to rest That's when I got my gifts Yeah!! They children got me one of those picture frames that you load with your camera card and then it rotates them, you can even put music on the thing. I got one about 10 years ago, but you had to have a subscription. This one is way cool!. Then the best gift! I cannot believe my husband actually got this for me. I am so excited. He got me a spa session at Victoria's Day Spa!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have never been to a spa, this one includes lunch too. WOO HOO!!

Thank you Hunny, it's the Best present ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then went to my MIL, who I adore. I made the boys pose for a picture with there mom and then we took one of the boys and there wives with Rose. She should be so proud to have raised such great boys. I love Rose as if she were my own mom.


Izzy said...

Sounds like an wonderful weekend! Enjoy your spa day ;) You'll love it!

Missy's Blog said...

Wow ... sounds like a great weekend! I can not even imagine the traffic and such you had to deal with in Wmsburg ... so glad you had a nice time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like lots of fun. I wish I could have been there.

Hot Momma

Jan said...

Sounds like a great day!!!! WHOOOO on the spa day!!! You're going to LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!!!

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