A few more

Me and Mark at 8th Grade Celebration, my baby will be in high School next year

Samantha & her teacher Mrs. Marks

Me and Sam Goofing on Field Day, we had a blast

Saturday's game and Pool party afterwards

What a Great weekend, some Happy moments and some Sad


Rach said...

so what does it feel like to have a child as tall as you? I am getting close to that point but not there yet. Wow!

Shell said...

as to what Rach said above - well our daughter Hannah is taller than both of us - and has been for FOREVER - like 10th grade I think

As to your weekend Wendy - did you cry like a baby at graduation? I never thought I was an overly emotional sort of person - but I blubbered at both my kids - elementary and middle school grads - and then last year at Hannah's high school grad. Next year I can blubber away again at Cait's HS grad!

Bring on the tissues!

Izzy said...

Looks like you had a nice weekend, love the goofing photo of you and Sam!

Jan said...

Love your photos!!!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!! Isn't it sad to see our kids growing up so fast! : )

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