Finally Friday

Well, it's finally Friday, the end to another crazy week. The kids are done with school today. Monday starts VBS at night while still working during the day. I agreed to teach this year, hopefully the kids will learn a little something from me. I also have to prepare for GASC in Chantilly. I will be vendoring at the crops Friday and Saturday again for the 3rd year. So I will be working, teaching and preparing for GASC.
While I am in Chantilly, I get to see of few of my TLC buddies, so I am excited about that.
The pups are doing great. Lots of peeing and pooping going on, it's been a while since of have been a dog mom so I need to get use to it again. It's nice to go home to wagging tales and fits of excitement.
Things are slow at work, so it makes for a loooong day. Then I am off tonight and all day tomorrow decorating my room. Game day central is the theme this year. My father-in-law is building me the rear end of a pick-up truck. I am doing like a tail gate party in my room. Should be lots of fun and learning. Somehow I drew the lesson on ACTS. Really simple and difficult to strech into a 45 minute lesson. Wish me luck.
Hope everyone has a Great Weekend!


Jan said...

Have a super weekend!!!! I hope VBS is fun next week. My kids go to VBS next week too!! yeah!

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will do a great job!!
You make me tired with all the activities.

Hot Momma

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