Is it me???

Don't get me wrong I Love Donna Downey as much as the next person, but good grief, the woman post something like this and gets 10 comments so far!!!!!

June 20, 2007
just buzy working...
as i cleared a path to the computer in my studio, i thought i would post...but alas i have nothing witty or interesting to say.back to work!

The most comments I have ever gotten is 7 and probably 2 of them were my own!! LOL
Yesterday, my sister did respond to my post and I really enjoyed reading her 3 things. Thanks Hot Mamma ** Love and Miss You Lots**

Oh to be soooo popular. Is there something I need to change? My deodorant perhaps!!!

Love ya'll that do read me!!

I am off to Chantilly tomorrow with mom and Amanda to perform magic and make all my product disappear at the GASC Crops Friday and Saturday night. Wish me Luck!

Happy Thursday!!


Izzy said...

Good luck at GASC! Have a great weekend :)

Missy's Blog said...

LOL ... that's too funny about DD. I'm so glad you got the invitations!! Hope the party is great!

Valerie said...

kissbutts are everywhere...and especially on celeb's blogs!! (and don't feel bad, i kinda snorted, too, when i saw that...and i love DD, too!(

Shell said...

Good luck - get lots of recruits so you win Cancun! Can't wait to hear how you do!

Rach said...

Good Luck!!! Sell it all one way or another!

See ya in a few weeks!!! SLC here we come!

Jan said...

Hope GASC was fabulous!!!!! Can't wait to hear!!!!

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