So I have been visiting lots of Blogs this morning, as well as cleaning my house before we leave, almost everyone is still in bed except Sam of course who without a sense of time keeps asking me
Anyway, I will not be here when my orders get here from HO. I am so bummed. So in honor of there arrival, which I will have on hand the 9th at my Lifetimez workshop, and my All Day Crop on the 18th I am giving away one of the Chatterbookz to anyone planning on attending either one of these events.
So while I am away please post which one of the chatterbookz you would LOVE to have.
I will pick a winner when I get back from vacation and present it too you at either one of the events, so you lurkers better get posting.


Jo said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Of course I remember you. My husband says you haven't called for computer help so when things settle down, seriously call him and he'll see what he can do.

Thanks for the '5' idea. Great one!

Please don't consider me in your drawing for a Chatter bookz but my favorite is the Numbers. There are so many possibilities.

Jan said...

Have a great vacation!!!!!!! Take lots of pictures!

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