Having a Great Time

Samantha and her friend Meagan had a blast at the pool all day, got waaaay too much sun. went down to the ocean a few times.
One of my famous pictures, yes I took it myself, if not I would never get one of us together. Not bad.
Look at those legs, who do you think she got those from?
The water is extremely warm, warmer than the pool, the wave caught her off guard.
Having a great time, a little rain and overcast this morning, we need a day of rest from the sun after yesterday.


Jan said...

Wow, looks like a great vacation!! Wish I was there on the beach right now!! Have fun!

Rach said...

Have fun! I have never been there before but I have had family that has and they say it is perfect! Enjoy your family and get some quiet time for yourself!

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