I can't even begin to tell you how great my trip to the spa was. First the navigator on my phone took us right there with no problems. The spa was terrific. The ladies were so nice and as I was sitting and filling out my paper work here comes one of the girls carrying this fantastic bouquet with a Happy Anniversary Balloon on top. Guess what? It was for me only it was NOT flowers but Fruit. It is called Edible Arrangements it was the coolest thing I had ever seen, and my wonderful husband had it sent to the spa!!!
So incredible!!

So here it is and a close up all the "flowers are fruit. They served us a plate of it while we had our pedicures and we shared with all the staff and still had plenty left over.
Here is a picture of mom enjoying her pedicure. we had great girls, so that made it that much nicer, then we went to my favorite Olive Garden for lunch and then off to ROSS for shopping!!

Who could ask for a better day??!!!

Thanks for a Great Day mom and Mitch!!

Love you :)

I just finished packing and I am off to Utah for Convention. Sandy has called and said she is having a great time.

My plane leaves at 6 am so I really need to get to bed.
Good Night!!!

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