Yeah! It's Friday
Me Mark and Sam went to see Harry Potter last night. Someone said as Harry gets older the movies get darker, in the light sense.
You could hardly see half of what was going on. It was not as good as the last movies.
Stayed busy at work this week, which is a good thing.
All Day Crop Tomorrow
Hope to get started on Convention stuff on Sunday. Packing, wrapping gifts, deciding what scrappin stuff to bring and what to wear.
I need all my TLC buddies that are lucky enough to be going to the leadership training part to fill me in before I leave on what I should definitely bring laptop, pictures, etc....
And if you forgot something that I can bring you, let me know.
I am off on Thursday, going to use my Moms day gift and getting a mani.pedi.
Friday morning I leave before the rooster crows. I will be in Salt Lake City after lunch.
Got the last Secret Sista gift on it's way and will be here by Tuesday. I hope that she likes everything I have gotten her. I do! LOL
Back to work for me, Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Still a lil itchy, gettin better
Peace Out!


Rach said...

Just checked the 10 forecast and it will be mid 90's all week in SLC. However, seems like I was a little cold last year in the conf.room Might want to bring a little sweater/jacket. And DO NOT forget your Swimsuit.

Jan said...

CAN'T wait to see you!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I wondered what was going on. You are behind on your BLOG pages. I hope you have a great time in Utah!!

Hot Momma

Anonymous said...

Do you know what Peace Out means. There is more to the saying than what the kids say. It is not very nice.

Hot Momma

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