Great Vacation-Now back to Reality

We had such a great time, I took the girls to beach braids-WOW was that expensive $2 an inch. They loved it an it does last a long time.
I wanted to get a family picture, but no one would act like they even had a scrapbooker for a mom. GOOD Grief
I managed to get a picture of Mark. The beach is really not his thing. We had the best 7 long relaxing days of nothing but eating, swimming and sunning. Now back to the real world YUK!!

And that is all I have to say about that.

I am missing my mom. "HI MOM" she had to fly off to Calif. while I was gone a very dear friend of the family is on her last days and mom wanted to see her one last time. I miss you and hope your home soon. My sister leaves for NH next week so I wish her safe travels as well. We are just all over the place. We all need to get together when everyone gets home, before school starts. I am planning a day. I check with everyone when I pick some dates. Love to my family

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Jolene George said...

So glad you enjoyed your 7 whole days in paradise. We hope to go to the beach in October for a weekend. The girls look so happy with the beach braids.

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