Hi Ho- Hi Ho- It's off to camp we go

Always with the Girls!!
7 of the kids from church left on Sunday morning for Church Camp.
This year they are going to the Masters Inn, somewhere in Altavista, VA.
This is our first year there as a church group. This is also Marks first year at camp. I must admit I am a little worried he won't eat enough.
He gets headaches when he doesn't eat, but he promised me he would try everything, so we will see. They were also not allowed to take anything electronic. Yikes!!
I hope and pray that he is having the most wonderful time he has every had. they have a ton of great stuff for them to do, so we will see, he is suppose to be home on Friday. I miss you already Buddy!! ;(


Jan said...

Oh cool! Hope he has fun!

How was vacation??

Izzy said...

Sounds like a nice camp... Mark will eat if promised he would... Hope he has a great time even without the electronic gear! LOL

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