Laughing all day!

First I want to thank everyone that called me today, you know who you are!
I had a couple different friends call me today and just make me laugh and laugh!
It just really makes your day when people you are thinking about suddenly call.
Well these two fools, one had me laughing hysterically about the movie 300 and what wonderful thing she received from watching it!!
The other well, we have this weird connection and know when to call each other, let's just say strange things happen when we talk, and fruit was involved in the final part of the conversation, I cannot go into detail, but I have laughed all day!!
Mark thought he was going to get his braces off today, I tried to tell him, but he wouldn't listen, so he was disappointed to get a appt. 7 weeks from now.
Must take shug to the vet today and then a nice evening with my family.
I have about 10 so far for my crop on Saturday.
What? I didn't mention the party I was suppose to have yesterday? I cannot even ruin my day by starting to explain. Because I Don't Know What Happen!!!
I had no address were the party was suppose to be, I called and called and she never returned my call. I had a sitter for my kids, because DH was working, I had someone set to go with me, because I have never met this person, she contacted me about having a party. I made up party packets and prizes, set up games. GOOD GRIEF!!


Jan said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your party. That stinks!

Hope your laughter helped you forget about it. : )

Rach said...

I have had the same thing happen once. we all have to have it happen once, right?!

Send me the laughter...I need it today.

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