Sunday Already

I cannot believe I have not posted since Wed.
Yesterday we worked in the yard, it was finally under 1000 degrees outside.
We have not had to mow our grass in 3 weeks, because it hasn't rained.
My house was already clean, except for laundry from having my workshop Thursday. Which I had one person show up (Thank you Chris) It was just a training and with people just starting it up literally, you almost need one on one so for that I am Thankful.

Sam and I swam off an on all day long, wow that was fun!

Then we had a fire and roasted marshmallows. Mark got to tell us all about camp and all the new people he met. And he said he ate everything they served an liked it! Imagine that!! I am so glad he had a great time. I hope David will share the pictures, I must do a scrap book for this! Maybe one of the new cover books. They are suppose to speak at church this morning about there experience and I think he is a little nervous. I told him pray about it and let the lord tell him what to say. Works for me.

I have a party at 6 tonight, my first one in a looong time. Hope I can remember all of Anne Coffmans great advice.

It is an hour away, but I hated to tell her no. So I am off this after noon at 4 to do Dana's party. She found me on Google, so I have never met her. My friend Amanda is coming with me to help me out. She says she has around 10-15 invited so we will see.

Tomorrow is a busy day, followed by a busy week.

Mark to orthodontist, hopefully hwe will be getting his braces off soon. I was hoping before school starts, but it's not likely.

Shug to the vet, so we don't add more to the bunch.

The pups are getting big and cute as they can be.



Well, I have rambled on enough this morning.

Don't forget my All Day Crop next Saturday from 9-4 at SQBC

Don't forget Chris we are DIGI SCRAPPIN!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Krystal Hartley said...

I wanna come and crop! I need a TLC friends fix.

Wendy said...

Come Krystal you could teach a class for me!!

Rach said...

Post your party results! Can't wait to hear your success!

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