Great Weekend

Wanted to share what a great day Sandy and I had in Charlotte County We even stopped on the side of the road and picked up some mums, there was a cute little man selling these huge mums $3.99. Luckily I didn't have much room, or we would have loaded the car down.

There were only 12 croppers, so the amount of sales were were low. I did pick up a recruit. Hi Kathy Fallen!! I had time to do a chatterbook and wanted to share it. I had sold all my adores and really wanted to do a Dogs book. So I chopped off the 1-5 chatterbook and just put the DOGS on myself, I think it turned out adorable, I haven't had time to embellish, but wanted to share it. I was also thinking if someone didn't want to purchase the kit to go with it, they could pick there own paper. I used 3 pieces of plain card stock and 1 printed paper for mine. Love IT!!. It was more than enough.

I am hoping the Ette's will come out with a plain one, I hate to keep hacking mine up. You could spell out all most anything.
Sorry it took so long to post, but blogger was giving me a hard time........


Izzy said...

What a wonderful idea! It looks awesome!

Jan said...

That book is fabulous!! I need to do a "cats" one!! : )

Amy said...

Too cute!! Love that idea!!

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