It Finally Came!!

My book came!!!

I am so excited, I can't stop smiling! It is sooooo cute. Wish I could show you the whole thing.

It's my first Lifetimez on line book 8x8 and to me it's priceless.

You can try it now FREE for 10 days!! No credit card required.... Go now try it, you'll love it.

Sorry about the bad photography, only had a 7 year old to take my picture.

My other one is due here on Monday, stay tuned for more pictures of me. LOL!!

Happy Friday!!


SonjaRod said...

Very cute Wendy! I'm totally addicted to photobooks!

Sandy Vance said...

it is so cute. my shipping notice came in so my book will be here soon.

Izzy said...

I'm still waiting for my first book to arrive... glad to hear that you really like yours!

Jan said...

yeah!! The cover looks so cute! I know I'm always incredibly anxious to get my books. I can't wait to see the next one!

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