Gifts, Gifts and more Gifts. I received more photosbooks, and calendar today. And my first Christmas Card!

First I want to say Thank You to my Friend Shell, she sent me a Holiday Organizer. It is so cute How did she know I was running out of pages in my old one? Thank you Shell I Love It.

I got a couple photobooks and calendars too, but I cannot show them because they are gifts for my family, who sometimes read my blog. Who can pass up on at least trying Lifetimez.

I also got an order of gifts for my crop this weekend. I have about 9 ladies coming on Saturday. Hopefully I will get my Christmas cards done. And maybe even a little scrapbooking. We will be making these for our Make and Take
Some of you Blogger friends have been posting on E-bay and i have a ton of stuff I would love to sell. What is the best way to photograph things? Maybe Mark will help me get my stuff posted.

And best of all I got a new recruit this week. HI Brittani, she just moved to Florida and will soon be on her was to Japan. I am hoping she will get me motivated. I have right many recruits that are deactivating this month and have never really had a business worker in my down line. I am not complaining, It's just hard making rank every month, when just a few down line are ordering.


Shelley Moore said...

Wendy those jars are too cute! I'd love to know where you get your fabulous ideas!!!

As for photgraphing Ebay listings, if you have "lots" meaning more that one item in a group, spread them out and highlight all the elements that you're listing. Your picture here looks great and would be perfect if you were listing those jars.

Good luck at your crop and congrats on your new recruit!

Rach said...

Make sure your photos are clear and crisp. Great lighting is a must.

And don't you just love the planner!

Those glass jars are super cute. I just can't stand what is inside of them so I will NEVER have any. Unless I dump the contents just for the bottles.! LOL

Izzy said...

Those jars are uber cool! Love them! I'm in the same boat as you, I need to get my things sorted and organized in the new year to post onto eBay. Congrats on your recruit! and have fun at your crop.

Shell said...

glad you liked the planner *hugs*

Jan said...

Craig's list is great for selling stuff too! No fees!!! : )

Have a great time at the crop!!

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