CSI Disappointment

I must say that I force myself to stay awake every Thursday night, so that I can get my fix of CSI. Now, when Sarah was trapped under the car and they spent the whole 60 minutes trying to find her I wasn't impatient, because I knew Gil would find her and they would live happily ever after.

Well last night was the most disappointing. I spent the whole time trying to figure out what was wrong with Sarah. She plants one on Gil at the end and walks away!!!!!!!

Just a little Friday Jibber Jabber. Hope you have a Great Weekend!

Mine is busy as usual


Izzy said...

I know!! What's with that! I had a feeling part way through the show that she'd leave CSI but I didn't think she'd leave Gil and Las Vegas all together. Man what's next?

Shell said...

I am the opposite!! I am so glad Sarah is gone!! I have never liked her!!

And Gil is way too good for her - he is mine anyway *LOL*

Shelley Moore said...

I am totally with you Wendy! Why go through all that trauma with the car and the kidnapper and all that just to leave - I mean she DID agree to marry Gil!!!!

although I am in the middle of Shell and Izzy.. kind of like "me" sandwich, LOL!!! i didn't care for sarah a whole lot - her teeth really bugged me, LOL!!!

Wendy said...

WOW I had no idea there were sooo many CSI fans. I thought I was the only CSI Freak!!

And yes, sara did have funny teeth.

My choice is NICK he is adorable!!!
I'd move to VEGAS just for him!!!

Rach said...

I have only watched this a few times. And being a dental hygienist I must say that I NEVER NOTICED her teeth?? Now I am very curious as to why I missed them! LOL off to search the net for her photo! LOL

Jonnie said...

My thoughts exactly, Wendy! I couldn't believe it. I cried - my husband laughed at me. I had heard the rumor that she was leaving the show, but I never thought they'd do it that way! Yes, there are a lot of CSI fans out there! I'm one!

Jolene George said...

I totally couldn't watch it in protest because I was mad that she's leaving. I love CSI and I hate it when main actors leave my favorite shows.

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