My Baby Boy is 15 Today!!!

It cannot be possible that 15 years has flown by. He was the best baby.

I delivered that big head in less an an hour.

Until he started school he was the best little guy.

Although, he did get a some comments on his report card yesterday that I thought I would never see. (Pleasure to have in class!!!)

What?! I quickly checked the name at the top. LOL

I am very proud of Mark he is a GREAT KID

and now stands taller than me (i am 5'8")

size 13 shoe!!!
If I am luck enough to get a picture, he promised later today I could, I'll post em


Rach said...

Happy Birthday MARK! Hope your day was special! You are part of a great family. You have lots to be thankful for!

Izzy said...

Hope Mark had a wonderful birthday!

Shell said...

they grow so quick!!! HB mark!!

Jan said...

Happy Birthday to your boy!!! Hope he had a great day!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Mark!!!

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