Answer & Win!

****300 th POST****

So this is my 300th post, so I thought it would be fun to play a little question game and give away some CJ Creation earrings to the person who can correctly answer the questions about me.
If there is a tie I will have Samantha draw a name.
I will announce the winner on Friday!!

  1. What is my middle name?

  2. What is my word for the year?

  3. What did I do exciting on my Birthday?

  4. What year did I start blogging?

  5. What is my favorite drink?

  6. What famous scrapbooker has commented on my blog twice?


Kalo said...

Thanks for the promo sis. Do I get to enter too? lol Probably wouldn't be fair since I know the answers.

Wendy said...


I'll let you pick out something nice if you win!! LOL

Missy's Blog said...

Let's see if I get them right ...

1. Ann
2. Listen
3. Went to Wmsburg Celebration?
4. 2007
5. Bottled Water
6. Donna Downey

And to get the calendar on your blog is easy ... just go to:
http://www.free-blog-content.com to create one!

Shell said...

1. Ann
2. Listen
3. Had a day at the spa!
4. 2006
5. Coffee or hmm I think you are one of those Pepsi people although Mountain Dew rings a bell as well
6. me *LOL*-.. oh REALLY famous.. then Donna Downey

Judi said...

1. No middle name
2. Listen
3. Day at the Spa
4. 2002
5. Diet Pepsi
6. Donna Downey

Kalo said...

I do know all the answers lol Have we picked out a pair of earrings yet?

Jan said...

1. Ann
2. Listen
3. spa visit
4. 2007
5. pepsi?
6. Donna Downey!

Whoooo.. congrats on your 300th post!!!

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