Epiphany (feeling), the sudden realization or comprehension of the essence or meaning of something

All this talk about photo freedom and try as I might to win a free copy of Stacy's book, just for the simple fact that I am cheap and don't want to purchase of copy of a book that has not been released yet.

With that said, while trying to go through the digi's on my computer this weekend trying to search out just the right photos to use for a last minute project, which when complete I did not take a picture of to share *(note to self: photograph all project from now on, no matter how ugly they might be)

Anyway, you would think with two printers in the house that finding a few pictures would be a breeze...............nope both printers ran out of one kind of ink or another. Good Grief! so I made due with the photos I had, she loved it. I used one of Donna Downey's tag book really cute!

Anyway back to my Epiphany..... I have decided to print out all the photos I have stored on my computer, goodness only know how many that is, not to mention the ones I already have burned to CD's send them off *(I am in need of a good on line developer if anyone has any good suggestions)
put them in cheapo photo albums and start scrapping all the ones I have forgotten about and never had a chance to scrap.

I plan on having all this done and ready to scrap at SDV in March. (*trying not to laugh hysterically)

Please let me know if you have any sugestions for this project


Jolene George said...

Holy Crud Miss Wendy! That is a big undertaking. I can't imagine that. I'm not sure which one is cheaper. I use winkflash most of the time. I saw a coupon code on their home page for 6 cent prints for as many as you want. (4X6) That to me is a great price.

Missy's Blog said...

Wowza ... that is quite a goal ... good luck!!

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