We had such a Good Day yesterday. Mom and Carol went with us to the Competition, I think they had a good time, it was definetly an experience for them!

There were 8 teams in our division, and we Rocked and came in 3rd. We are so proud of the girls. They each got a ribbon! Woo Hoo, usually they only get a team trophy, so getting some recognition was nice.

We got to leave after awards around lunch time which is the earliest we have ever got to leave usually we stay and cheer on the older girls, but we were not allowed down near the floor,so they couldn't hear us anyway.

Off to get ready for church, I have children's church today and I have to teach Cubbies at Awana tonight , I haven't taught cubbies in two years, wish me luck!

Happy Sunday!


Izzy said...

Yeah! sounds like a wonderful day! Congrats to your DD on her 3rd place win!

Shell said...

Well done Sam's team!! 3rd out of 8 is fantastic!

**waves to mUm and Carol** ;-)

Glad you liked the calendar :-D

Judi said...

You go Sam!! I am glad you had a good day!!

Shelley Moore said...

Congratulations girls! That's an awesome finish!

Kalo said...

That was fun yesterday, they did so good! Thanks for asking me.

Missy's Blog said...

Sounds like a great day ... and congratulations to the girls for their awesome win!

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