Where there is smoke, there is fire

Lots going on today!

We don't have fire, this is the visibility today, There are wild fires in Carolina(1700 acres) and the smoke is blowing in our direction. It is really hard to breath and visibility in some spots of Carolina are zero. I now have a new found appreciation for all of you in California.
Had to pick up Samantha from school I believe the stomach bug has bitten her. So my day is filled with bathroom clean up and laundry. Just when you think you have your day planned out! Something always happens to rearrange it. Oh well we will make the best of it. May get some tax stuff done YUK!! Makes my stomach hurt.

I did manage to get a little somin somin done at work this morning. My BIL Pete's birthday is in a few days. I saw something so cool last night on Sara Snow (the eco friendly cook girl) that I had to order this special thing from this place for my BIL. I don't ever send him a gift, so he will definetly be surprised (judi, I sent it to the ranch address)

Happy Tuesday!


Judi said...

I can't wait to see what you got him. He is turning "50" you know. No midlife yet.

Missy's Blog said...

We've had wild fires in the three counties around us, yet we've seen no smoke (thank goodness).

The closest fire was near a bio-diesel plant ... scary stuff!

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