Pictures from tonight

Judi & Carol
Me and Shug
Mom and Josh

We had such a good time tonight, I really didn't get alot of pictures, we were having way too much fun!!!

Everyone is so excited! We are leaving at 12 tomorrow, field trip stop at Michaels along the way and then checking to hotel. Then were off to the Melting Pot for Dinner. What started as a party of 6 is now a party of10!!
WOO HOO The more the merrier!!!
I will try and do better taking pictures tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Have FUN FUN FUN at the SDV!!!!!!!!!

Robin said...

Hi Wendy! Just wanted to pop in to check out your blog, and thank you for visiting mine! Have a GREAT time at SDV! :)

Missy's Blog said...

Woo Hoo ... you gals are up for some fun!! Have lots of it and scrap alot!!

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