Anything but Wordless

So it's Wednesday, my sister finally got here last night WOO HOO!!!
She had a 2 hour delay in Chicago, but finally got in around 7.
So here is the low down for tonight:
  1. Stupid Work till 3:30 (grocery store at lunch)
  2. Lisa Fedele & another TLC person(sorry don't know her name) are coming in around 4 from Georgia.(kinda nervous about that)
  3. Cooking dinner for about 10 people, everyone is coming over to visit.
  4. My husband & children have abandon me for a bed & breakfast at Nags Head.
  5. Slumber party at my house tonight!!!
  6. Pack my clothes (scrapping supplies ready)
  7. Try to sleep, too excited to work or sleep!
  8. Stupid Work again tomorrow a half a day & then off to SDV!!


Judi said...

Woo!! Woo!! You said a bad word. I think work is stupid.

Shell said...

Don't be nervous!! You will have a blast!! wish I was there too.

Hello Judi!! have fun with your sis!

Rach said...

Man...I miss out on everything living up here in No-where Land. Nothing cool ever happens here...bummer.

HAVE FUN!!! Laugh a few times for me!

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