Trying to keep busy!! LOL

I am so excited about my trip that I cannot possibly keep my mind on work, so after I talked to Judi for 30 minutes & ate lunch I went shopping. On line of course here: Niklin
WARNING: If your new obsession like mine is swirly, twirly things to put on your scrapbook pages. Do Not go to this etsy shop. I just shopped and shopped and bought more than I am admitting here. Won't these look great on my scrapbook pages? Wish I would have ordered before SDV. I have been trying to resist. Oh well Her prices are so reasonable, that there is no reason you should buy more than 1 or 8 or so. SSSHHHH!! I'll show you the finished projects if you don't tell.
*If you do order from here, buy that 6 x6 circle paper in my honor.
I didn't see it before I checked out, dang it!


Anonymous said...

I am having a hard time to concentrating as well. Cool stuff. Maybe they will have some at SDV!!! Today is nothing wait until Wed. & Thursday and try to get any work done.


Wendy said...

BRAT!!!! You and OLF will be having a good time and I will be at work! WWAAAAAAAAAAA

Izzy said...

Have a wonderful time on your SDV! I'm so jealous. Take lots of photos, I want to see it all!

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