Do it for the Animals

Hi All,

My wonderful animal loving sister is going to be doing what is called a Mutt Strut for the Human Society. I have put in a easy to use donation tag to the right.
Anyone making a donation will have there name put into a drawing for some great swirls and such that I have recently ordered. I seem to have lost it and ordered way too much stuff!!

{is there such a thing?}

The drawing will be on Friday

Anyway, make a Donation in memory or in honor of your favorite pet and you might just get some great elements to do a fantastic pet page!!
Thank you from bottom of my Doggie Bowl!!


Shell said...

well of course I would have given more if it was a cat strut *LOL* I am not a doggie person!

Anyway - glad to help out - I hope Carol exceeds her $500!!

Judi said...

Great job. I hope she makes her goal. I put the site on my Blog as well.

Kalo's World said...

Thanks for this, once again...you totally ROCK! Next time we "go on an adventure", can we get something to eat?

Jan said...

That's such a sweet thing to do!!!! Hope she passes her goal!!!

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