Sunday Morning

Well, it's 8 am Sunday morning I have been up for about an hour and I want to scrap today really bad, I have been checking out Tim Holtz blog he is the magician that has the grunge board that I used at SDV. He does alot of layering and dramatic distressing a little too much for me, but I really like his style. Here are the grungeboard elements that I used on some of my layouts all from the harlequin collection of Tim Holtz Grunge board.*(this stuff feels really cool)The collection even has shapes, like I have shown here and Swirlies and I am into some swirlies lately. It is worth the $19.99

This one I had a hard time with, I probably should have painted it a different color. I first painted it with a red dauber I don't know who came up with those, but I am loving them too. Then I inked the edges to give it some depth. The white areas are where the paint and ink didn't stick. I liked it!! LOL

These two were done much the same way as the giant W. That is what else is great about the set because the sizes range from 2 in to 6 inch letter on one sheet with up to 9 of the same letter. So you get the whole alphabet, plus shapes and swirles.

No Tim Holtz did not pay for this blog post, I just wanted to share something new that I love. LOL

Thanks for letting me share and getting me in the creative mood I am off to create something.

Happy Sunday!!!


Izzy said...

I love Tim Holtz as well! I just purchased to new distressing hammer to try out on the grunge board :)

Judi said...

I forgot I had ordered the same set you got from the Scrap-a-doodle-do site. It was here when I got home. I can't wait to use it.

Kalo's World said...

Cool stuff! Thanks for the donation....you ROCK!!!

Rach said...

I love to hear about 'other' stuff out there. I/we have been sorta sheltered over the years with out exclusive stuff. So it's great to hear you excited again. And no worries on shameless plugs! When you love something, just scream it from the hill tops!

Am&a Sue said...

loving the way you do the grunge board!!! but boy did it stink!! what about that ink pad as well...we are getting into cool stuff but it surely stinks...lol...but beautiful!!!

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