Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

It's NSD, as always I have good intentions of scrapping on this day, but it never seems to work out, so today I will not plan to scrap any and maybe I will get a little something done later.

We have a ball game at 1 today and then we are going to pick out something pretty (surprise) and while we are gone my house is being cleaned. Hey, wait it's sounds like Mother's Day!!!

Oh, well take it when you can get it. Hope everyone has a great day. It is sunny and Beautiful already and it's only 7:40 am.


Missy's Blog said...

It is a glorious sunny day here in Virginia!! We are so lucky to have this great weather.

Have fun at the ball game ... and I hope you get some scrapping done too!!

GJG said...

wow, that explains then why the traffic on the roads is so light---its NSD----

Izzy said...

Happy NSD my friend! I hope you get some scrappin' done today;

Shelley Moore said...

How cool that someone besides you is cleaing your house!!! Did you win the lottery?

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