It's May Already?

So I start changing all my calendars this morning to May, I have a large calendar on my kitchen counter, which hold all appts. practices,work schedules or any events the whole family needs to know. I rip off April glad to be done with it and the next month I see is June! WHAT!!

Can I do that??? Because as you can see from the list below May Is Slammed with STUFF to DO:

  • Ball games every Tuesday and Saturday
  • 3 doctors appts.( not all for me)
  • Founder's Day Parade
  • LPGA Michelob Open at Kingsmill-(Day off with DH!!)
  • Girls weekend in Georgia!!!
  • 600 plate chicken dinner-(I am in charge of this)
  • Cheer Banquet
  • All Day Crop
  • (5) Birthdays
  • Mother's Day

Makes me tired just thinking about it all

Maybe I should skip May!


Judi said...

Hey!! What's this girls weekend in Georgia? I want to come. I could not live with out my calendar. I am also glad April is over. I think I will recap on my blog just so I don't forget how crazy this month was. Happy May 1st.

Judi said...

I love the Header. I think the back ground needs to be lighter so we can see it better. I love it!! I love it!!

Missy's Blog said...

I like your new header too!! Just think ... once May is all over, you can flip that page to June and have many more fun things to do!!

Shell said...

just give up sleeping and smoke more and you will be fine *LOL*

then come out here in June to my retreat for a rest!

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