I am really wanting to see this movie, I saw the preview, when Mark and I saw "I am legend" looked like it was going to be pretty good.

Kinda stupid for me to want to see it though, I didn't watch the show much, every once in awhile. I was amazed at how long it has been on? It ran from 1998 until 2004, for a total of six seasons. Can you believe it has been off the air for 4 years? What a phenomenon.
Anyone else interested in seeing this movie?

Did you know there was a BLOG?


GJG said...

As movies go, its probabely pretty much what you would expect. Obviously a chick flick. I suspect the movie is counting on the fans of the tv program wanting to see it. Are local independent stations (ktla, channel 5), ran the entire six seasons, as reruns, and I kinda burned out on it. The "new york attitude" gets to be kinda grating after awhile.

Judi said...

I can't wait to see it. Not sure when it is coming out. Might try to go as soon as it comes out.

Lexi said...

I can't wait! I have watched every season and even own a couple of the dvd's :/ I might just have to take my mom to this one...phil would kill me if i made him go

Kalo's World said...

I haven't seen any of the episodes, but the movie looks pretty good. I'll go, just let me know when you want to.

Sandy Vance said...

hey let's go... we can get a group together and have a girls night out. leave the men behind....it opens tonight!

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