Happy Friday All!

Some people have already started there weekend and insist on posting gorgeous pictures so that the rest of us getJealous.(lexi) and wish we were in Mexico

I am having an All Day Crop tomorrow, so tonight finds me making pasta and chicken salad for the attendees. Also need to load my car and make sure I have all the appropriate things required to host a crop.

Samantha's last ball game is tomorrow, so I will be missing that, which I hate, but the All Star games start in June.

Sunday I have got to work in my yard, it is a mess.

What are you up to this weekend?


Judi said...

You know where I am. I am having a great time.

GJG said...

Yeah alexi you really know how to lord it over us old folks. I will be going out to Redlands to attend teh surprise birthday bash for Melanies husband Bill. I suspect a goodly number of the family and friends of the family will be there. Its a 150mile round trip to Mel's and home again---so will be spending about 3 hours on the road, three hours at the party---and home in time to cook dinner for the LP and myself-----life is good.

Lexi said...

Well usually I don't go on vacation in the middle of the week, but the family I nanny for is in hawaii so i thought i would take advantage of the time off. Phil took wed off and we made it happen !!

Izzy said...

Have a great time at your crop! I'm going to the farmer's market on Saturday and scrapbooking on Sunday! Thanks for the link on the new photo editing site... I'll be checking it out more!

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