I just had to share

While working extremely hard at work today I found this amazing photo site, and thought I would share it. I messed around with it, stole this photo off Lexi's site and after a few clicks I got this adorable photo. Didn't get a chance to see all it does, Working so hard (people keep walking up on me) that I will have to read up on it more later, you can save and print so that's a plus. Oh and the best part!! IT'S FREE!


Lexi said...

That turned out cute!

Judi said...

That's very cute!

Jan said...

That turned out so cute!! Love the blue hue around the photo.

Missy's Blog said...

I love what you've done with Lexi's picture.

I've tried to visit Picnik.com several times in the past and everytime the applet won't start for me. Maybe it's because I have dial up. Next time we are away with Mike and I'm using his laptop with high speed internet I'll give it a try!

GJG said...

OH MY GAWD!!---THAT ROTTEN DOG IS SHOWING UP EVERYHERE----She could start a national "cute" epedemic---.

Like the cards very clever and original.

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