A little Saturday shopping

So Me Mark and Samantha went shopping today, Mark is growing and changing so much he is always in need of some new clothes, so we picked him up a few things. He also drove most of the way. I did really good, I mean he did really well!! LOL I hardly screamed or cried much at all! Just kidding I am getting better.

Samantha got a few new things, some shorts, shirts this adorable dress and some sun glasses that we got for buy one get one free at NY & CO. my fav. so I got the second pair!! Excuse the rollers they are for cute curls for church tomorrow.

This was my favorite, we stopped by to see Mitch at B B & B and picked up a new shower curtain, water pick and this adorable thing. It is a modern day Chia pet!Not sure what's on tap for today!


Kalo's World said...

Sounds like you guys had a fun day. Trust me, the driving thing does get easier lol...at little

Judi said...

They get big so fast. I could never take both of mine shopping at the same time. Zach hates to shop. Even now.

Lexi said...

Samantha is so cute! It cracks me up that she poses like that. Like she is some kind of gangster. haha

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