We worked the 12 hour shift!!

These fine people worked from 7 am till 7 pm, and we did our best to stay organized and happy!

They fried over 1200 pieces of chicken!!In case there of those of you out there that are wondering, why in the world would you cook that much chicken, as posted earlier (i need roes to teach me how to back post link) The women's ministry group that I am president of, does a fund raising fried chicken dinner every year. This year they decided we should do 600 plates (PEOPLE THAT'S 1200 pieces of chicken)

Let the fun begin!It was such a long day, Jack always comes and cooks vegetables and what ever else is needed, it's so it was nice to have him there all day.

I hope they all know how much I love them and appreciate all there hard work.
Usually Women's Ministry's uses the money for an outreach project, but this year because of our generosity earlier in the year, we had depleted almost all our funds, so we will save this money for future projects.


Izzy said...

Sounds like and looks like a long hard days work! Good for you guys... have a great long weekend ;)

Kalo's World said...

I would have come after work if you told me.

Judi said...

Where did you do this at? Did the chicken go out yesterday? Wish i was there.

Missy's Blog said...

Oh my gosh ... Paula Deen would be SO proud!!

Great job you guys!! That's awesome!

GJG said...

wow, what a difference from California. Here it would have been ONE pc of chiken per plate, thre string beens and a carrot curl, the price would haed been double and beverages would be extra.-----sounds like a good crew ya got there---and nice to know the spirit of charity is still alive and well.

Sandy Vance said...

i am so glad you guys pulled it off, and had fun and stayed friends too... you go girls (and guys)

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